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                                         (Crispy Brown Rice w/Spicy Fresh Salmon)

Concept 〜想〜

Brown Rice Sushi

I think you already know that whole grain is healthier.  

Whole grain Brown rice contains a nearly perfect balance of energy 

and is RICH in nutrients, having more vitamins, minerals, 

and especially fiver than white rice.

But, many people still choose white rice-thinking it is sweeter, 

fluffier, and stickier-even though Brown Rice 

has more advantages than white rice.

Please try our brown rice sushi!!  

You can feel and taste that it is softer than white rice 

and just as sweet-maybe even more!!!

Also brown rice works wonders for your body, little by little.

Best Quality

We choose Best quality products and all NO MSG !!  

We prefer to use organic vegetables. knowing that 

eating real food will make a difference to your body.

Our concept is based on Hippocrates' insightful statement,

'Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be food'

We hope you enjoy our Brown Rice Sushi !!



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