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Shikibu Special Menu (January. 2015)

January ,2015

Yellow Tail & Jalapeno $9


NEW Roll:

Fire Extinguisher $11.5
(After "Mouth of fire")

Y.T Dynamite $9.5
(Seared Spicy Yellow Tail)

Pikachu $13.5
(Spicy Y.T w/baked crab on top)

Most Popular Best5:

Truffle Salt Albacore Roll $9.5
(Recommend for fresh albacore lover)

Incredible oll $10.5
(Spicy Yellow Tail Teriyaki w/spicy creamy ponzu sauce)

Ultimate Tiger $12.5
(Fresh Salmon & Avocado,w/seared Salmon on top)

R2D2 $11.5
(Crunchy onioned spicy albacore w/top on avocado)

Gogzilla $13
(Baked crab on spicy tuna roll!! eat like beast)


Baked Crab Hand Roll $9
(Soy wrap paper)

B.S.C. $10.5
(Baked Scallop on California Roll)

Shrimp Tempra Roll $8
(as you know)

Spicy Lover:

Jedi Knight $11.5
(Crunchy onioned spicy salmon w/top on avocado)

Chewbacca Roll $11.5
(Spicy Yellow Tail w/avocado wrap & Cruncy onion)

Mouth of fire $10
Crazy hot spicy tuna!! 
(This is my spicy. Can you follow me?)

Triple Roll $9
(Chipotle Spicy Tuna w/hot sesame seed) 

Puchi-Puchi Roll $9.5
(Roasted Salmon, cucumber & Avocado w/spicy salmon roe)

Darth Veder $12.5
(mysterious roll, no one knows what inside) (spicy)

Wolverine $13.5
(Spicy Albacore roll w/baked crab on top)

For Fresh Lover:

B.I.G $13.5
(tuna,salmon, yellow tail, albacore, avocado & cucumber)


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