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           Hand Made  ~こだわり~

Chef makes house sauce, dressing, sushi vinegar, 
ponzu, spicy sauce,sunomono, kimpira. 
We'd like to serve good quality but low price.
Therefore we make these items.

Also chef make a special DASHI.
Absolutely NO MSG !!  Mainly bonito flake and kombu.
Dashi is basic of basic in Japanese cuisine. 
if dashi is delicious, every dishes are great.

Please take our MISO SOUP and compare the another restaurant's one.
you can tell which is better!!!

All Organic & Vegetable Dessert

Chef makes dessert which is vegetable in. 

In a perfect world children would love vegetables 
as much asthey would love ice cream!! 
Sadly the truth is that most childrendo not. 
One of our main motivations was to figure out 
a way tomake it easier for children to eat vegetables 
and now,we have the answer! 
To the children and others that are not big 
fans of vegetables, let's keep the secret between
you and me(; and we will let them figure out 
what it really is!!


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