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From Down Town 

Take 10 Free Way,West    EXIT Overland.

make Turn left on Overland go toward on Washington Blvd.

make Turn Right on Washington Blvd.

→Left side on Washington

From Valley

Take 405 Free Way, South EXIT Venice/Washington

make left turn on Sawtelle Blvd.go toward Washington Place

make turn left on Washington Place, 

marge to Washington Blvd. pass Elenda Street.     

→right side on Washington blvd 

From Long Beach

Take 405 Free Way, go to North. EXIT Venice/Washington

make turn right on Sepulveda Blvd. 

go toward Washington Place make turn left, 

go toward to Washington Blvd. pass Elenda Street

→ right side on Washington Blvd

From Santa Monica

Take 10 Free Way,East. EXIT National Blvd. make turn right, 

go toward Overland Blvd.make turn left on Overland, go toward 

on Washington Blvd.make right turn on Washington Blvd. 

→right side on Washington Blvd.


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