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We'd like to introduce by ourselves.

me, Thomas Kato. 
I've been worked in restaurant 17 years in Japan and America.
Especially in America, I worked w/ Nobu Matsuhisa
(owner of Matsuhisa & Nobu),Kazuto Matsuzaka (now owner of Beacon), 
Masaharu Morimoto(owner of Morimoto NYC, PA, FL),
Jean George ( owner of Jean George.....NY NV FL) 
and Katsuya Uechi ( owner of Katsu-ya group).
I learned so many thing from these great chefs.
Let me show you what I have.
Hi, I'm Sophia Kato.
I'm Macrobiotics specialist. I suggest "Brown Rice sushi"to Thomas. 
Before I taught macrobiotics in cooking school and sushi school.
I worked Sushi restaurant as macrobiotics chef.

We hope you enjoy our Brown Rice Sushi!!


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